Services Provided

I provide psychotherapy to adults, older adolescents (16+), and couples.  I work with a wide range of emotional issues, focusing on helping people (and couples) to lead with their strengths and find a way to move in the world as the best version of themselves.  My therapeutic style is very direct and open, and I find that most people feel comfortable, relaxed and safe in my presence.  Although we may explore complicated experiences or ideas, I always work to keep the therapy grounded in the real world, with humor, honesty, and compassion.

My practice works with people on a wide range of issues, including:

  • Managing anxiety and its impact on your life
  • Understanding why you aren't feeling emotionally at ease
  • Improving relationships and relational skills
  • Addressing low mood (feeling blah)
  • Being more genuine and present in your life
  • Negotiating life transitions and major changes
  • Clarifying personal goals
  • Identifying personal strengths and using them effectively in your life
  • Transitioning and grounding in early adulthood
  • Reconnecting in your romantic relationship
  • Preparing for marriage and/or pre-marital counseling
  • Using Mindfulness Based approaches to sit differently with feelings
  • Managing motherhood and life balance
  • Living with someone struggling with addiction
  • Understanding and minimizing the loop of old family issues
  • Transitioning from adolescence to adulthood
  • Working with artists and performers

Some details around sessions and how the therapy is structured:

Individual Therapy

We begin with an Intake Appointment, which lasts 70 minutes.  At the intake appointment, we will focus on gathering information, gaining an understanding of what the issues are, and hearing what you are hoping to get out of therapy.  During this session, we can get a sense of whether I'm the right therapist for you, discuss some of the parameters and details of the therapy process, and I can give you my initial assessment of what I believe would be most helpful to you at this time. If at the end of an initial appointment, I determine that a referral to another provider would be more appropriate, we can discuss it at that time.  

Subsequent therapy appointments are 55-60 minutes.  The frequency of individual therapy varies depending on the issues that you might be working on, how long we've been working on them, and your availability.  Initially, most people attend therapy one time per week.  Some people may later choose to come less often, usually either bi-weekly or monthly.You will be asked to complete Intake paperwork through my online portal prior to your first appointment.

Couples Couseling

I typically begin couples work with a plan to work with the couple for 12 weeks (this includes 9 appointments- 7 sessions together and 1 session each with each partner alone).   We begin with the initial intake process, which involves a first session with both members of the couple, followed the next week (ideally) by an individual appointment for each partner (the individual appointments are $165 each and last 55-60  minutes).  The next week, we will come back together for a couples session, and then we will meet every two weeks for the remainder of the 12 weeks.  At the end of the 12 weeks we can decide together whether you'd like to continue to work on issues either every other week or every month, or whether it makes sense to end the course of therapy at that point.  Although I ask to meet with either partner individually at the beginning of therapy,  both members of the couple should plan to attend couples appointments.  You will be asked to complete Intake paperwork through my online portal prior to your first appointment.

Telehealth Sessions
Telehealth sessions (online sessions) are available for both new and established clients.  For already established clients, there are times that you may want to schedule an online session because it would be difficult or inconvenient to come in to the office due to weather, family issues, or a tight schedule that day.   For some, therapy online is a more accessible way to start and continue therapy.  If you would like to do online sessions, either occasionally or throughout your course of therapy, please let me know and we can discuss parameters ahead of time.

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